Tofu, tempeh, seitan.

More than an alternative

You are what you eat

Since 1990 we have been developing unique, healthy products for you and your loved ones.
All the taste and health benefits that come from our selected, local, organic raw ingredients that we process with love and respect.
For this reason, after 30 years, we are happy to be the Italian specialists of tofu, seitan and tempeh.


The secret for excellence is not a secret.

Italian soy. Also organic. Local supply chain. Cold soy hulling technology. Good for you and for the planet.

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Tasty, light & green.

Hulled soybeans - also organic - from our local supply chain. Long fermentation. Good for you and for the planet. Find out more

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Quality is a matter of method.

Made with organic Italian spelt. Our Seitan is slowly steamed, which saves 80% of water. Good for you and for the planet. Find out more

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Four reasons to try it,
plenty more to fall in love with it


We've been thinking about you and you needs for the last 30 years.

We have been working with passion and enthusiasm to bring healthy, sustainable food onto you table and into your life, for you to enjoy and share with the people you love.

Raw ingredients

First of all, raw ingredients

Carefully selected raw ingredients for a sustainable and uncompromising production.

Supply chain

Our short supply chain goes a long way

Short and transparent supply chain, local ingredients, without GMOs, grown traditionally only in suitable farming areas.


Quality is earned.

Scrupulous health & safety controls and renowned accreditation are our way to guarantee that we meet the highest standards in the industry in every phase of production.

Many thought about it, we believed in it.

Today, as yesterday, Compagnia Italiana believes in and promotes a culture of clean, sustainable, and healthy food that comes only from natural, local products.

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