Who we are

Only selected raw ingredients, locally sourced, also organic.

The consumer changes.
And so do we

Sustainable, demanding, and in constant evolution.

The plant-based protein market changes every day: its products and trends are constantly adapting to meet the demand of customers that are more aware and informed. Compagnia Italiana continues innovating with healthy and tasty products, always ready to adapt to the new rhythms and lifestyles of our customers and meet their needs. Tackling today's problems with tomorrow's solutions

Best served together

Being together, sharing emotions, understanding conviviality and respect through food.

These are the values we were born with and the principles that have guided us since 1990: our name is our mission. We are a Company because we put the pleasure of aggregation and the well-being of people first. Our love is Italiano, as the delicacies we dedicate to those who prefer a healthy, balanced, and tasty diet. Today, 30 years later, we are the Italian specialists of tofu, seitan, and tempeh and we are still faithful to our initial vision.

Four reasons to try it,
plenty more to fall in love with it.


Only selected raw ingredients, locally sourced, also organic. Processed with respect and artisanal dedication.

Tasty and healthy

Tasty, healthy, and light: all the nutritional properties and health benefits of plant-based protein for you to enjoy and experiment with.


Selected ingredients of the highest quality, practical and perfect for every dish and diet: for your salads, burgers, first courses, and desserts

Tradition and innovation

The most advanced processing methods combined with artisanal dedication: delicate transformation techniques to preserve the nutritional properties of our raw ingredients

Many thought about it,
we believed in it.

We believe in a culture of food and wellness that relies on healthy and genuine products.

For 30 years, we have been working with passion and enthusiasm to create sustainable and nutritious food. Now a new era is beginning. That's why Compagnia Italiana is looking ahead as the go-to choice for those looking for tasty, healthy, and sustainable ingredients for their plant-based recipes. The right choice for you and the environment